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Leading Prosperity - A CEO Success and Wealth Podcast

Gary Covert


Welcome to Leading Prosperity, a CEO Success and Wealth Podcast. This podcast provides insights, information, and inspiration to help CEOs of mid-market firms of $10MM to $1Bn be better CEOs, increase the value of their companies, create more prosperity for their teams and community, and build generational wealth.

The program achieves this through interviews with successful CEOs, thought leaders, and top professionals serving mid-market companies.

The program focuses on topics that will help mid-market company CEOs (as well as those aspiring to be) build great companies and create more prosperity for everyone. Topics will include: culture, team effectiveness, leadership, industry trends, growth opportunities, compensation, succession, company valuation, execution of strategy, and how to build generational wealth. 

The show is hosted by Gary Covert, founder of Gary Covert Consulting and partner in Lodestone Energy Partners.

Gary Covert Consulting acts as an advisor to CEOs and their senior leadership teams. Lodestone Energy Partners is a private equity firm that assists accredited investors and high net worth individuals diversify their portfolios with West Texas oil and gas legacy wells and minerals.

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